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Astrology involves interpretating the positions of the Sun, Moon and other heavenly bodies.  

It can be used as a divinatory tool, a means of developing greater self-understanding and a way of planning for opportune moments to enrich and make our lives better.

Astrology can produce amazing levels of self-awareness, help us to become more understanding and less reactive. Using Astrology effectively will help you to deepen understanding of yourself and your life.

Astrology helps us deal with the myriad of choices that life offers us. It cannot give absolute certainties and is not a substitute for careful judgement and consideration.

Lunar Living is an essential part of Astrology. By becoming more aware of the Moon’s cycle and its many phases, we can understand and learn more about ourselves. This can aid decision making, planning and our connections – both to the world around us, and to other people. By becoming increasingly at one with the Moon, we can only enrich our lives.

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I have used Astrology and Lunar Living as a tool personally for over 25 years. I’ve always been passionate about our connection with our astrological make up. Professionally I’ve always been drawn to communicating knowledge and information clearly with a view to helping others – I have spent most of my working life in the education sector.

More recently, I have felt a calling to share my astrological knowledge and expertise with others. I have studied with the London School of Astrology, and I hold a Diploma in Astrology.

I live in West Penwith, Cornwall and feel a deep connection to the landscape. Just as I avidly follow the shifts of the planets and luminaries, so too I embrace and align with the shifts in our natural world. It’s important to me to regularly visit ancient sites and places of spiritual significance that hold meaning for me when considering my Astrological work.

I am fully registered with the ICO regarding GDPR when handling information for birth charts. More detail on this can be found elsewhere on my website.



I aim to use Natal Charts to help people begin to understand how Astrology affects their lives, their choices and their mindsets.

It’s very real, is constantly shifting and is all around us all the time. When used properly for positive impact, magic can happen.  

The one area of Astrology that never changes is your Natal Chart – your Natal or Birth Chart is a map of the cosmic skies at the moment of your birth.          

This is where and how Cosmic Self Development can work its magic. You can gain so much from properly understanding your Natal Chart – it helps you to understand who you are, where your strengths lie, our areas of challenge, our emotions and our reactions.

When you have a working understanding of your Natal Chart, it is magical to attune yourself with Astrology and the Lunar Cycle. You’ll be able to see how our ever- shifting skies can enlighten us as to why and how we encounter change, challenge and wonder at different stages of our life.

My blogs and videos aim to keep you updated easily and regularly. These are available here, on Instagram and on Facebook.

Creating a Birth Chart or examining transits / synastry involves using some personal information...



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The Stars

I've had my charts done by Beth, what an amazing lady to be able to understand, write and explain all the information. She's so talented.

The Stars

Beth created a stunning birth chart for my little boy. It's so accurate and has so much information.

The Stars

Beautiful handmade charts and really interesting. I felt I learned a lot about myself and understood why I respond in certain ways as well as what my real passions are. Really good value for money and a great gift to someone!


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