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New Moon in Pisces 20.02.2023.

Each New Moon starts a fresh Lunar Cycle.

It’s a great time to check in with yourself and ask where you need to renew and refresh.

The New Moon is the start of the Moon waxing (growing) before it peaks at the Full Moon. This makes it the perfect time to look at what you wish to ‘grow’ or add to in your life.

Chances are where you put your attention for the next two weeks will see some expansion before the Full Moon in 2 weeks’ time.

You can check in with the First Quarter Moon phase (it looks like a half moon in the sky) one week after the New Moon. It’s a good reminder to keep going with where you’re putting your energies.

Each New Moon will have a certain ‘flavour’ – which is influenced by factors like which astrological sign it falls in, at which degree and what else is going on around it astrologically.

It may even be a New Moon that falls on it close to your Moon Sign (or Natal Moon.)

This is one of the most important points in your Birth Chart. You can also use your Rising Sign (again, one of the most important points in your Birth Chart) to work out whereabouts the Moon may be guiding your focus on each New Moon.

This New Moon falls at 1 degree of Pisces.

Pisces takes us closer to our feelings, and this New Moon takes us closer to the end of the Astrological Year, which ends on 20.03.23.

So, this New Moon is offering you the start of space to wrap up any endings that are necessary, cast aside regrets about ‘what if’s’ and be ready for new beginnings.

It’s a really good time to act intuitively and allow yourself to be guided by any spiritual practices or connections that are important to you. Saturn moves into Pisces in the space of this Lunar Cycle which flavours our roles, responsibilities and how ‘serious’ we are about things with a more intuitive sense than when Saturn was previously in Aquarius.

Here’s where you may find your focus guided, depending upon your Rising Sign.

Remember to read this with your Rising Sign rather than your Sun Sign in mind.

If you are familiar with your Birth Chart, you’ll be able to recall your ‘Big Three’ - Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

It’s easy to check out your Rising Sign if you know your time of birth – I like the Astrodienst website; but there are loads to choose from.


Be ready to look at things you don’t easily or often think about. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming more vividly of late - pay attention to these, as well as other things you may have been mentally sidelining. It’s time to explore your fascinations independently – remind yourself that time alone is never time lost.


This New Moon is all about future opportunities for you. Opportunities will spring from conversations with other people, thoughts and possibilities may grow from networking conversations – even in the most informal of settings. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with other people.


Be ready to feel inspired to think about the future. You may be feeling more goal orientated than usual, and ready to tackle one thing at a time in order to get there. Your words are magical in signaling where you want to be, and people will always look to Gemini Rising as key communicators; so, relish thinking about how to express yourself in a leadership role.


It’s time to open your mind – to mind based pursuits you’ve been looking to pursue. New beliefs, new opinions, new languages, new places; what is tickling your fancy? It’s time to look at how you can explore anything that has been enthralling you.


This New Moon brings change in terms of healing and sharing. What do you need to draw upon in terms of other people’s resources, and vice versa? What needs to change and rebirth in your key intimate relationships? This is where your focus needs to lie.


It’s time to bring renewed positive focus to your relationships. It’s definitely, unequivocally and absolutely time for the next phase in a relationship - whether it’s work collaborative, or personal collaborative.


This New Moon will give you a boost with getting organized in your personal goals. It may be that you have been waiting for a good time to overhaul health and habits or pursue a different lifestyle-based practice.


It’s time to turn your attention to creativity and your spark. What do you like to make? How do you like to share this with other people? Now is the time to look at more opportunities to do this – let your light shine in shared opportunities with others. A great time for getting to grips with any new artistic projects.


This New Moon may well bring you to your home and living space with a renewed focus. You could be looking at moving homes or just changing spaces in the home you currently have. It’s a good time to go through home related items and memories, perhaps things you have been hanging on to, and look at redistributing them.


It’s time for you to breathe the fresh, new energy of this New Moon into communication-based projects. You may have ideas you’ve been wanting to put out to the world and share with others. Once you get started, people are likely to be responsive – whether it’s digitally or IRL.


This New Moon may help you reflect and refine your attitude to your finances. New projects may have changed the flow in your sources of income. Whether you are self-employed or employed, have a look at where you’re putting what you earn.


It’s time for you to embrace as much extroversion as you feel comfortable with. You may be happy to engage with the world and other people you don’t already know more than you usually do. If you feel the need to boost your self-image with some form of overhaul, then get it booked and go for it.

Happiest New Moon wishes to you, Beth X

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