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〰️ Yeterday we saw Venus moving from Aquarius to Pisces, this is only the second ingress of 2023 and brings some lovely energy with the Moon in Taurus right at the end of the day (a sign which is ruled by Venus.)

〰️ Pisces is mutable whereas Aquarius is fixed, led by feelings rather than rationality, as well as being deeply intuitive.

〰️ Venus is exalted in Pisces, so it feels right at home there.

〰️ How can we use this Venus ingress from Aquarius to Pisces?

〰️ Remind yourself that just because you felt a certain way once; doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

〰️ Things come and go, ebb and flow in relationships.

〰️ Not necessarily even in relationships themselves but in what matters to us within them.

〰️ What do we need to let go of to be happy?

〰️ Where do we need to be more compassionate- even to ourselves?

〰️ Immerse yourself in your feelings and follow your intuition.

This is universal advice that we can all align with.

As to your personal Venus placements, when you know where Venus is in your birth chart and can track and compare its movements then you can really unlock some benefits of astrology.

You can check your chart to find out where your Venus placement is using sites such as Cafe Astrology if you are unsure, or consult an astrologer…

Here are the Venus ingresses for the rest of 2023:

20th February - Aries.

16th March - Taurus.

11 April - Gemini.

7 May - Cancer.

5 June - Leo.

9 October - Virgo.

8 November- Libra.

4 December - Scorpio.

29 December - Sagittarius.

Venus is also retrograde in Leo for 42 days from the 23 July.

When will Venus be in your natal Venus sign?

Beth 🤍

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