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Hand illustrated Birth / Natal chart. This features all your planet placements and astrological houses. The Astrological Big Three – Sun, Moon and Rising Sign – are clearly shown at the bottom of the chart.

This detailed option shows all your planetary aspects. Simply put, aspects refer to the angles the planets create in your Birth Chart. These angles link planets and signs and the energetic ‘conversations’ they have with each other are incredibly significant in revealing how and where you may be affected in your life.

These are A4 and are presented on beautifully marbled 200g design paper.

Each chart comes with an audio file.

The link for this will be emailed to you, and you can easily download and save it to listen to when looking at your chart.

Price includes second class postage within the UK.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss overseas postage.


Aspected Birth Chart

  • Following completion of a natal chart, I’m always happy hear from clients who wish to discuss options for looking at follow up work on their chart. This could involve synastry (looking at compatibility of more than one chart) or transits (comparing what’s in your chart with the current and forthcoming cosmic Astrology and Lunar movement.)


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