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Each Astrological Chart Commission (including the ink illustrations) requires some important information for accurate calculation of the chart. The information required is DOB including time as accurately as possible as well as place of birth. After payment has been made for your Commission, please provide me with the necessary information using the ‘Contact Me’ option. I will also require the email address to send the audio file to as well as the name to write onto the birth chart. If the chart is a present for someone, please do let me know so I can ensure the audio file isn’t sent until the chart is received – therefore not ruining their lovely surprise!

Following completion of a natal chart, I’m always happy to hear from clients who wish to discuss options for looking at follow up work on their chart. This could involve synastry (looking at compatibility of more than one chart) or transits (comparing what’s in your chart with the current and forthcoming cosmic Astrology and Lunar movement.)

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